Classic geek icons meet strange fates on the streets of seen on these ridiculous parody shirts! When pop cultures clash and crossbreed, no one is safe.

Electromagnetic Tentacle: Year One-ish.

Where it all began
METROWALK, Ortigas–16 May 2010, three wild and crazy guys from the advertising industry banded together to brainstorm on t-shirt ideas at Starbucks. If you look closely at the picture...and try to peer into the glass won't see anything cause our lazy asses just grabbed this low res image off the web somewhere.

Anyway, days later, with the joining of the fourth member of our kooky quartet, Electromagnetic Tentacle was up and running.

While the actual birth came in June, with the first shirt, this was the moment of conception and as often discussed these days during RH Bill debates, this was when EMT first came to life!

(click 'meron pa' to continue reading; original mutation artwork, almost-logos and detailed interview courtesy of musamanila.)

After the "pop-culutre parodies with a Pinoy twist" concept was suggested, we had over thirty ideas within the next two hours!  The first idea of the lot was actually Aquaballs. And to celebrate our anniversary, here is the original intended artwork for AQUABALLS (pencils by Jun San Juan) before we had to reduce the number of colors for cost. (Our first bitter lesson in t-shirt printing.)

The first ever mutation.
Our logo also underwent several mutations before we found one that seemed to work best for us. Either that or the deadline was upon us and we went with the logo you now see hovering above this website.

Electromagnetic Logotomy
Meanwhile here's the extended version of a recent interview we did with Inquirer contributor and Musamanila blogger Knox Balbastro that best describes what EMT has been like thus far.


Napaka ganda ng mga designs! Mabuhay si Carl!

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Electromagnetic Tentacle (EMT) is a brand of limited edition graphic t-shirts. Our range of designs begin with EMT Mutations, which consists of parody shirts that cross breed pop culture icons with Pinoy culture