Classic geek icons meet strange fates on the streets of seen on these ridiculous parody shirts! When pop cultures clash and crossbreed, no one is safe.


Yeah baby! That's Electromagnetic Tentacle "DOT COM" to you.

We've retired our old blogspot address and, although we're still hosted by Blogger, you can now reach us via our new URL: 

To celebrate our new address, we've thrown in an added bonus feature: Click the link above this sentence and get your FREE sense of deja' vu! (If you want more, just click again. No limit per customer.)

And with a new URL comes a new look as well.

The site has been reorganized so that it's easier for you to find what you need, and to keep track of what's going on with EMT. Hopefully, these changes have made navigating our site simpler. Have a look around. Sit back. Roll over the menus and tabs. You'll find that just like our old site, we still have a sprinkling of oddball surprises here and there.  With more to follow.

Over the next few weeks, we'll continue to fiddle with the details of the website and add some more features as we try to the infuse it with more of our signature EMT flavor. If not our signature, then at least a forgery of sorts.

Now, there might still be a few bugs here and there.

With any luck, we'll get around to clearing those up soon enough.
In the meantime, welcome to!

Here's a last look at the old blog site for old time's sake...

Ye old blog site. We shall miss thee.

*Kudos to anyone who gets the "Masters of Our Domain" reference!


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Electromagnetic Tentacle (EMT) is a brand of limited edition graphic t-shirts. Our range of designs begin with EMT Mutations, which consists of parody shirts that cross breed pop culture icons with Pinoy culture