Classic geek icons meet strange fates on the streets of seen on these ridiculous parody shirts! When pop cultures clash and crossbreed, no one is safe.

Help pick out EMT's Fourth Invasion: Vote for your favorite concepts!

UPDATE! The poll is officially closed! Thank you to everyone who voted! We'll be making an announcement on the winning designs soon so stay tuned! 

The EMT crew has reached a deadlock!

We're down to the Final 10 designs and we want you to make the call! Choose up to 6 designs from the poll below and tell us which ones you deem worthy of forming the next invasion wave of mutations!

We've also discreetly (And yet here we are, calling it out) included the first in a new line of shirts which we're calling VERSUS. A head to head collision of two separate pop-culture icons. This poll introduces, Lego-las as the first mash-up.

Click on each shirt to enlarge image for a closer look! 


Fantasticcccccccc!!!!!!!! Please reserve some for December!

Walang Captain America Or Thor Or Hawkeye OR the Avengers shirts????

Ang galing nyo naman, Joedy! Am such a fan. Will be waiting for Yokona ;) ---Mommy ni Zach

i hope the flush will come out, lagi ko tinatanong kung kelang magkakaron ng flash so this is it.. i hope isa sha sa anim na lalabas...

Pa reserve when the Galaktusok-tusok shirt comes out :)

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Electromagnetic Tentacle (EMT) is a brand of limited edition graphic t-shirts. Our range of designs begin with EMT Mutations, which consists of parody shirts that cross breed pop culture icons with Pinoy culture