Classic geek icons meet strange fates on the streets of seen on these ridiculous parody shirts! When pop cultures clash and crossbreed, no one is safe.

EMT teams up with Trese!

Electromagnetic Tentacle ventures into the realm of the supernatural, but as it turns out, we're afraid of the dark. So who better to partner with than with the Philippines' top investigator of the mysterious and the macabre, Alexandra Trese and her trusty twins. (We mean the Kambal, you pervs.)

The EMT crew teams up with superstar creators Budjette Tan and Kajo Baldisimo, to release two limited edition graphic tees celebrating one of modern Philippine comics' hottest books!

The fourth installment of the TRESE graphic novels, LAST SEEN AFTER MIDNIGHT, recently cracked the best seller charts and has received raves from the likes of comic legends NEIL GAIMAN and PAUL LEVITZ, just to name a few.

Best Selling 4th Installment!

TRESE (published by Visprint) follows the exploit of the titular heroine as she investigates the creepiest of crimes perpetuated by supernatural beings that roam the darkest corners of the Philippine underworld. She is aided by the Kambal, her bad-ass twin body guards who would make Tomax and Xamot pee their pants! (Or would that be each other's pants simultaneously? How exactly would that work?)

"We share everything!"
The first shirt features stunning artwork by Kajo himself, showing Trese and the Kambal poised to take on all comers. The twins then get the EMT treatment with the Wonder Kambal tee offered by the EMT crew.

Each shirt costs P550, but if you buy both during our the launch at Komikon (November 19) you can get the set for just P1K!

UPDATE: Both shirts will be available online, right here, after Komikon. For more details on how to order and shipping options, click the order form or FAQ sections above. 

The shirts will also be available at some of our retail partners to be announced after Komikon. (Then again, if you can skip off to Quiapo and track down Aling Terrie, you might get lucky.)

 Official Trese Tee with art by Kajo Baldisimo.

Wonder Kambal Tee with art by Javey Villones.


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