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Geek tees! More fun in the Philippines

Recently, the Philippine Department of Tourism and our friends at BBDO Guerrero released the new slogan for the country's tourism campaign: It's more fun in the Philippines.

The campaign was a cyber hit almost immediately with people making their own versions of the line and sharing them with everyone.

Even geek icons like Neil Gaiman and George "Sulu" Takei uploaded their own takes. NBA star Kevin Durant agreed as well.

As proud Filipino artists, and shameless opportunists, we thought we'd make our own batch of "More Fun in the Philippines" memes. Happily, we found that the line worked very well with our own brand of humor.

Here's what the EMT crew put together:

We also came up with one for our friends at TRESE, using a photograph by Jay Tablante and his crew.


Hi. do you have any of these shirts with the "its more fun" caption available? would very much like to purchase some :)

Hi Alessa,

Unfortunately we don't have any of these designs with the "it's more fun" caption. We do have some of the designs still available. Just send me an email in case you want to know what's available.



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